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About Me

Birthdate: 13.03.1987
Color: Silver
Hobbies: Graphic editing, learning Japanese, video games, listening to music, dancing.
Sign: Fire Rabbit/Pisces
Heritage: German, Native American (1/16), Irish, Dutch.
OTPs: Jaeho (東方神起), and Hosu (東方神起)
My favorite band is 東方神起 with Junsu as my favorite..He's the only member who makes me giddy. His smile and laugh brighten up my dull days and his dolphin voice is irresistable when I'm upset. I don't like anyone making fun of him (Even the other members, but I can't do anything about that).


This journal shares rants, music, videos, polls, fangirling, and general thoughts on life. If you friend me, please do so only after we've spoken. I do not add people on a whim who I know nothing about. My journal is not here to up your friend count. That being said, I do conduct periodic friend deletions. I do not expect communication 24/7, but if communication stops completely for months on end, I will delete. If you haven't seen an update from me in a long time, chances are I've cut you, so please take me off your list as well. Everything else to know can be learned by being my friend.


Collects: Keychains, swords, pictures, music, and books.
Dislikes: Double negatives, disrespect for other cultures/differences, leechers (Yes, leechers, it only takes a few seconds to type out a 'thanks' when you download something). And in the same category, people who never buy the CDs of the artists they listen to. Support the artists you enjoy! People who don't like watching subbed videos because they'd have to read -.-
Strange Loves Quirks: Loves the smell of new textbooks, old novels, and new video games. Finds clumsiness cute and even endearing at times, cherishes the strange traits we all have. Finds happiness in the rain and thunderstorms. Has close to OCD with picture collecting when it comes to doubles. Enjoys Changmin's sarcasm and would love to play a prank on Jejung one day.
Habits: Playing with my hair when I'm bored, laughing silently 90% of the time, reading comments in other posts after I've commented (I really don't know why I do this), relating things in life back to movies or songs. Arranges items into pyramids and likes to have things even (Such as stacked books) or fanned out (such as magazines on a table). Correcting people when it comes to spelling and a bit of grammar.


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「♪ ~Day Dream~ and ~Hug (International Version)~: the 동방신기/東方神起 melodies to my life」
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I am 「Shim Changmin, Head of the Royal Guard
I am 「Yunho's Silver Phoenix
I am 「Kibum's Dedicated Student
彡I am the 「Kim Junsu」 of LIVEJOURNAL~♪

Kim Junsu

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