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20 January 2010 @ 05:22 pm

Some posts will be public, but 95% or more are friend-locked.

Comment to be added. Please don't add me if
we're never going to speak to each other,
if that happens, I will delete.
17 June 2009 @ 02:09 pm
A snippet of Ravhyne:

The Basics: I’m 21, 5’ 2”, and a mix of heritage. I have a twin and older sister. My zodiac signs are Fire Rabbit, and Pisces.

This version (Ver IV) contains info from my flist about me:

"Ravhyne is someone that I can't really describe accurately because even in knowing her for a year, I still can't figure her out at all. She's someone who is loyal, strong, and caring, yet she's oblivious, stubborn, and mildly quite obsessive.

She's someone I call a best friend, even more than that. Someone I wake up everyday thinking I want to talk to. There are many reasons that I couldn't even begin to explain why she means so much to me. Mostly because I don't get it myself.

There are times when we don't understand each other. Essentially, she and I are different. There are times we argue or we don't talk. She's very particular about things and sometimes it really makes me want to hate her, but I don't. I care about her way too much.

Ravhyne is someone who, despite her strength, still falls victim to fragility. She is not someone who can easily pass over wrong-doings when they are done to her. She knows the kind of people she wants to surround herself with and continues to look for them. She can be blunt and forward about how strongly she feels about particular subjects and most people might find it cruel and harsh. However, beyond that, she needs people who can challenge her and remind her that she is a person worth effort and time.

On a lighter, less serious note, she's crazy, scary, and please refrain from using the word 'cute' to describe her too much as she has pointy things and is not afraid to use them. I kid--about the pointy things, not the rest. :P

I hope I can still be friends with her for another year and another and maybe my whole life, but she needs to open up a bit more. I'm worthy, okay?"

1. i feel that you always read my post in my lj earnestly. this shows that you are patience and care a lot for your friends. by wanting to know more about their life.

2. you are very good in expressing yourself. unlike me.

3. you are honest and frank.

Mmm, I haven't known jounetsu for long, but from the interaction we've had, I'll describe her as a really caring and kind friend :D She doesn't mind going all out for you, lending you a helping hand when you require one, she's patient, listening to my problems. At a time when I felt really down, she gave me encouragement :D Ahhh, there's really not much to dislike about her! She has a big heart, in my opinion. Plus she makes a wicked Changmin picture poster, lol, dabbling with my fangirl heart, giving my convulsions every time she posts 8DDD I ♥ her already!!

Ravhyne is....a lot of things I wish I could be because since the first time I accidentally came across a post of hers, I realized she was scarily similar to me, only the better version because she can more openly share herself with others -- more so than me at least as far as I can see though I can tell she still hides parts of herself.

She has very deep thoughts and expresses them well, whether in almost emo-ish seriousness (haha, j/k =p) or in obvious frustration. But Ravhyne also has that playful/dorky side that balances it all out well, ^^V

As much as I feel like I've known you for a fair amount of time, I still feel like I don't know you enough and I'm glad I'm still able to be around to hopefully change that.

I love reading your posts and seeing how you see the world, those around you, and yourself.
I love commenting on them and then somehow trailing into conversation that seems unrelated but not.
I love the conversations that are actually completely unrelated to almost anything and are just you and me being chill because I don't get that enough
....and I love more than anything that you don't seem to judge me.

Alright, so this post was meant to be about you, but it wound up sort of equally being about me-ish....but I hope I got things across alright - like I've said, you're much better with words than I'll ever be but I'm glad at least one of us is able to express herself strongly

Seeya'round, Ravhyne ^ ^

Ravhyne is one of the most generous and thoughtful people I have met in a long time. She is considerate and thoughtful; the kind of person everyone wishes they could meet. She is always up for a long talk, and forever attempting to share her love for the things she enjoys. She is polite, always giving thanks when it is due, and expects the same in return. However, in this anonymous Internet world, it's easy for people to bypass common courtesy, which is upsetting. Although she is frustrated at times, she always comes back and tries again, and I'm proud that she has the willpower and the strength to do so.

Regardless of what I call her in my head (Ravhyne, jounetsu, hikari_nai, Andrea, Junsu-lover) she is always someone I know I can go to if I am ever troubled, in need, or just want to chat. She is open and warm-hearted, and someone I am oh-so-glad that I got to know. I only wish that she could see herself as others see her, or at least, how I see her. She is a super awesome person full of joy and win, sideways and backwards and upside down, too, if you care to look close enough. I love her (in a totally platonic way, tyvm) and hope to be by her side as she goes along in life, achieving goals and realizing her dreams.

Should we ever drift apart (and let's face it, statistics say that we probably will) I'm glad that I got to know her for even this short a time. Thank you for letting me be your friend, Ravhyne, and for allowing me to be here beside you as you go on through life. I don't think you realize how awesome I think you are, or how much I appreciate being your friend. ♥ You are too cool for school.

-- Will be updated as more people help me build this ♥
I know DBSKer has most of these releases for download but I didn't like how they weren't accompanied with cover art, correct tracklistings, and correct albums (Mix and match anyone?) Sooo, after gathering all the correct information and cover art, I decided to make a post with these releases plus my own rips. THIS LIST IS NOW ARCHIVE ONLY AND WILL NOT OFFER DOWNLOADS. All are under their Japanese name so feel free to change the artist accordingly for the version/album release:

Note: Songs with '*' next to them means I have translations with them and will include them (With credits of course) in the upload. Album names with '*' next to them means I have the DVD portion as well. If you like what you hear and can afford it, support them by buying the actual thing! ♥

Last updated 2009.01.22 at 03:04 CST

I hope you all like this, it took me a while to get it all togetherCollapse )
19 April 2009 @ 10:08 pm
Good movie...HORRIBLE movie experience. First off, there was a line for it which I was not expecting. Second, the girls standing in front of us were completely oblivious to their surroundings and couldn't even stand still in the line..For some odd reason they had to sway and almost run into us. -.- When you're in public, RESPECT THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. Ugh, I swear parents know nothing about properly raising a child these days.

Once we were finally seated, more immature pre-pubescent teenagers came flooding in and could not keep their voices down to an acceptable level. I was hoping to finally see the 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' trailer once more as part of the previews, but even that was missing(It could have made up for the terrible experience ;_;). Once the movie started, girls started screaming before you could even see the main character as a teenager. Once you did see him, he was shirtless...Whoo, surprise surprise *Rolls eyes* But honestly, do you have to rupture the eardrums of everyone in the audience? If you scream like an idiot over a shirtless male, you need to find better things to scream about. *Sighs*

If the annoyance was only present at the beginning, I would have been more understanding, but commentary went on throughout the entire film with: 'Aww', 'OH MY GOD', 'That's so gross', 'What a loser'...etc....Even during the scene where he cried, they ruined a deep and serious moment with their incessant yapping. Eventually I couldn't keep my mouth shut as all the girls sitting in front of us were leaning on the rail, intently watching like pathetic pets. Only one of them seemed to hear me, but she had a pretty intimidated look on her face, that made me smile.

I admit, yes...Zach Efron is attractive, dare I say...Cute even with his longer hair, but enough to warrant screams and elicit stupidity from more than just one row of teenagers? NO.
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07 April 2009 @ 12:04 pm

Changmin | Jejung | Junsu | Yuchun | Yunho

*Last updated on 2008.12.30 at 10:24 CST

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P.S. If you want any of these, just ask! ^_^
05 April 2009 @ 09:45 pm
OMG, I'm so glad I found these:

Jae in the shower with his MotorolaCollapse )
26 March 2009 @ 06:49 pm

Gah, this week has been a fucking rollercoaster; Kris and I finally broke up. Called me a stalker and obsessed when I confronted him at his work after he had been avoiding me ever since Monday, which is just hilarious. Told me that he couldn't constantly be 2nd best to my Japanese bands which is understandable (Even though he was mistaken since he was referencing a KOREAN band), but he could have told me and I could have worked on it. Also lied about his phone, and I quote: "My phone is broke, all I see is a text screen when someone texts me so I say 'okay'". BULL FUCKING SHIT I messaged him asking if he was in class, he said 'yes' and then he said 'okay' when I told him to call me when he got out. Those responses are too accurate for 'just a text screen'. *Rolls eyes*

Anyway, I'm much happier now and wondering if I should ask my last ex to give me another chance (Because I was a complete moron and admit it). I met him after class today and I saw his hair was longer which surprised me. When I told him I liked it, he said he thought I would...MEAN. Anyway...I shared much more of DBSK with him and he still wants to be with me so it's not my fault Kris is so insecure. I just need to ask him how he'd feel about partying without me or me never leaving his side if he managed to get me to go out to a party with him since being around a large number of people frightens me. That'll have to wait until hopefully Sunday or Monday though because I want to discuss it in person. I can't forget that he kissed me on the cheek a few times, it was sweet. ♥

*Sighs* Okay, moving on...Actually got The Secret Code yesterday and I'd have to say my top 3 are 'Nobody Knows', 'Stand Up!', and 'TAXI'. From the previews, I knew I'd love 'Nobody Knows' and I had a feeling I'd like 'TAXI' but I don't remember having a definite opinion on 'Stand Up!'. I got Yunho's card too sooo...If anyone wants to trade that has Su? Maybe? ^^; I also ordered the 2CD version for the non-stop remix, please let me know if you want it. Also, let me know if you want the PV for Purple Line and what dimensions. I haven't ripped it yet.

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17 March 2009 @ 04:18 pm
I needed something to cheer me up, and Hosu fits ♥ Not putting these under a cut either.

*This picture still has the power to make me cry ;__;

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